Ebay Item of the Week – February 2nd 2017

Very rare and iconic item from the early days, this, “The Militia has arrived”, containing a number of articles, pictures, and cuttings.

They were possibly given away with some copies of Swoon, or at gigs, but not at all easy to find these days. As usual, click on the picture to get to the listing.

One thought

  1. If memory serves.got it somewhere in the loft along with some promo kitchenware posters advertising the sprouts.hurrah!etc.& I’m sure a glossy promo photo of paddy & co.I remember writing to Keith Armstrong ( sprouts head honcho/manager) years ago.& to his credit ( bless him) he send me the above items gratis.& now “I’m pounding out messages loud on the drum”.indeed.x

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