Jordan: the Soundboard. Dublin Point – December 9th 1990

A little Easter egg for the faithful here. There have long been rumours of a soundboard recording of the Jordan tour circulating. So here it, revealed after 27 and a bit years, and a pristine front-of-house mix straight off the desk.

Not without the odd fault here and there – there’s a bit of a wobble at the beginning of Cruel, and the bass is a little overcooked – but until the official live album surfaces, this is about the best you’ll hear the Jordan tour.

The newspaper review is a little wide of the mark (one might say he missed the point…) – this was the last night of the tour and a pretty riotous and fun gig by the sound of things.

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  1. This is Amazing.Many Thanks for sharing.And They Do “One Of The Broken”,One Of My Favs.Love The Guitar Outro On “Goodbye Lucille #1” too ☺ Who Needs Easter Eggs !!!!!

  2. Really great! I’ve listened to it 2x now this morning, as I’ve been catching up on news/email/etc. Wonderful!

  3. Great recording. Third place after the BBC Reading Concert and BBC Cambridge concert.

    It may be me, but to my ears Paddy sounds like he has had enough of touring and sounds rather tired and not giving it his all in this concert….

  4. Hi there,
    hello from Canada! Is there a download link for this? I can’t seem to find it.
    Would love to hear this on a proper stereo, and in my car 😉
    Wow, never thought I’d hear audio from this tour.
    J:TC is my favourite!

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