Paddy Spotting. Food Hall M&S, February 15th 2017

That amazing one woman Paddy magnet, Helen, struck again today with a spotting in M&S Food Hall, followed up with a beetroot wrap. Witnessing proceedings is Chris from Dubstar. Conversation included polka dots and Spike Lee. Beard level between shaggy and unruly. Definitely a Cava moment.

3 thoughts

  1. Brilliant photos!

    I just told my wife, an alumni from Newcastle Uni, whom might be going there this summer for a reunion, that I am coming along for the trip and will be spending my time alternating between M&S and HMV each hour of the day hoping to bump into Paddy. When her friends ask her what I am doing and she tells them, they will no doubt say “Paddy WHO?”.

    (I am joking of course)

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