Paddy Spotting – July 8th, 2017

On the occasion of the Durham Miners’ Gala, also attended by Wendy and with one Jeremy Corbyn speaking, Paddy strode out in a careworn linen suit and battered Panama Hat, where he bumped into Sprout and Daintees fan Mark Robson.

Conversation ranged across various subjects, including Paddy explaining that this was the first Durham Miners’ Gala he’d attended since he was a kid, his mix of the Daintees’ “Crocodile Cryer” (on one of the 12″ variants of Trouble Town”), his continued use of cassettes, Prefab Sprout albums, and the intriguing possibility of an EMI re-release of “The Gunman” – that would make very little sense to me unless it was to be a vinyl edition, so fingers crossed for that.



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