Birmingham AVLC: October 6th, 1990

avlc“Villa’s leisure centre is just a sports hall, though both the Sprouts and Crowded House (who I also saw here) were great gigs. I didn’t have much time for the Trash Can Sinatras (sorry), but a good show. There was a projection screen behind the stage onto which swirlled images like the front cover of Jordan were displayed. Wendy seemed a little nervous, if I remember. The floor of the hall was all standing, benches down the side.”

DurhamExPat, sproutnet discussion board

“The only other time I saw them was at the Aston VIlla Leisure Centre at the start of the Jordan tour. I remember being a bit disappointed. Couldn’t quite put my finger on why. The only song I could tell you with absolute certainty, from memory, that they played, would be Wild Horses, because they included the Jenny Agutter sample, and Paddy responded “I want to have you, too, Jenny”. I do remember though the most extraordinary looks being exchanged between Paddy and Wendy throughout the gig. I suspect they might have been breaking up at that point, and maybe some of the lyrics were feeling a bit close to the bone.” Graham Corless via Facebook

Record Mirror, October 27th 1990
Record Mirror, October 27th 1990



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