Blue Jeans – February 22nd 1986

If you heard Prefab Sprout’s “When Love Breaks Down” and thought they were a bit wimpy, then think again, and don’t let singer, Paddy McAloon, hear you say that!

“We’re always being told that we’re really wimpy,” Paddy says. “If people mean by that the opposite of strength then they’ve picked the wrong word because what we do is really strong. We’ve also been told we’re laid back, but the people who say that like their music in the form of rock’n’roll, all loud and sweaty, so we’re not worried what that type call us.

“We’ve also been told that what we do is like sixth form poetry, but we’re not pretentious! All we want to do is use lively language – although I do admit that some of it is pretty heavy. But we’re happy with what we do and nobody had better try to change us!”