Brixton Academy: February 19th, 1989

brixtonacademySet Listing

01 The Golden Calf

VHS sourced video, featuring the Golden Calf live. Channel 4, “Big World Cafe”. Dave Brewis joined the band on guitar.

“I haven’t seen this footage before – I do remember it – it is the Brixton Academy and it was filming from a TV show which I can’t remember… I think we only played one song and I played keyboard because on the track I played percussion, on the video I mimed guitar and didn’t sing. So I had to play keyboard live.”
Wendy Smith

“I used to go to the filmings weekly and was chuffed to see my favorite band pop up one week.

“There were a few technical problems, so it was 2 or 3 run thrus and paddy doing a solo rendition of maggies farm to keep the atmosphere up”
Matthewlongemail, Youtube



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