Cambridge Corn Exchange, April 5th, 2000

cornexchangeSet Listing

01. I Remember That
02. Bonny
03. The Sound of Crying
04. Machine Gun Ibiza
05. Andromeda Heights
06. We Let the Stars Go
07. Life’s a Miracle
09. If You Don’t Love Me
09. Jordan: The Comeback
10. Faron Young
11. Couldn’t Bear to be Special
12. Dragons
13. Appetite
14. A Life of Surprises
[15. Electric Guitars]
16. Cars and Girls
17. Cruel
[18. I’m a Troubled Man]
[19. Carnival 2000]
[20. Moving the River]
21. Hey Manhattan
[22. Lions in my Own Garden (Exit Someone)]
23. Swans
24. One of the Broken
25. When Love Breaks Down
26. Goodbye Lucille #1
[27. Cowboy Dreams]
[28. Looking for Atlantis]
[29. Where the Heart is]
[30. Prisoner of the Past]

(Second half can be assumed to be as normal for the 2000 tour as there was almost no variation in the set list)

Two recordings of this concert exist. One is of the complete first half, and a good, slightly muffled, audience recording onto minidisc. The second is sourced from FM. BBC Radio Broadcast first aired April 15th, 2000.

Issued as a CD Bootleg “Paddy the Comeback”, Wonder Boy records WB036, also issued as “Effortlessly Beautiful”. Edited highlights of first and second half, e.g.

01. I Remember that
02. The Sound of Crying
03. We let the Stars Go
04. Jordan The Comeback
05. Faron Young
06. A Life of Surprises
07. Cars and Girls
08. Cruel
09. Hey Manhattan
10. Swans
11. One of the Broken
12. When love breaks down
13. Goodbye Lucille # 1

“I was at the Cambridge gig and all misty eyed, the sound was particularly good that night
I do remember Paddy requesting the audience not to smoke continually as it was drifting across the stage, couldn’t believe how many songs that they squeezed into the set.

” I also remember Paddy being very amusing that night likening his appearance to Rolf Harris but not having his artistic talent and also when the BBC had signalled that they had finished recording Paddy said that “Thank God for that, I can now throw in a few buggers and bastards”

“Bearing in mind the tour programme featured a 1990 clean cut Paddy do you recall the complete shock of seeing the heavily bearded Paddy walk on stage?

“There was quite a collective gasp from the audience”

andrewneil, sproutnet discussion board

“Finally Cambridge in 2000, where I was probably the oldest there. Others have posted about the muted atmosphere, as I recall the place wasn’t actually that full and most people were keen to listen to Paddy’s chat. I remember, and I don’t think it’s on the recording, that he stopped Life’s a Miracle after a few seconds because he either played a bum note or sang the wrong words.”

reggierebel, sproutnet discussion board 

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