Circus, Oslo, Norway – December 16th 1985

Possibly broadcast by NRK Radio, however no trace of this has been located anywhere.

“I seem to recall that the weather was poor and therefore the band’s arrival was delayed. But they performed. My God, what a great concert!

“I dunno anything about the broadcast. May not have been the concert itself, though. Post-gig music scribes, like myself, met the band (both of the MacAloon bros and Wendy) and the conversation was sprightly as befits the band with that name. So, the NRK thing may just have been this conference.

“Like I said above, I wasn’t the person to know that much about the arrangement, the place was packed though and filled with expectation. But the concert was so great they ran out of songs to play and told the audience about the fact and started playing songs for the second time of the night.

“They were all smiling. Paddy himself had warned us before saying we had to leave because they were getting closer and closer to the end of  the set list. And when it happened they just laughed and played a song once again. The repertoire was taken from both albums (as far as I can recall).

I can tell you that they completely lived up to expectations and then more. I – we – had NOT expected Prefab Sprout to be THIS shit hot, and they loved the reception.”

Reidar Øystein Samuelsen (Facebook)






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