Postbag Roundup – September 27th 2014

imageI’ve been away again, and fairly slim pickings, but some good and interesting things. The CD is a standard Legacy Edition of “Steve McQueen”‘ listed as a US version and I took a punt. Wasn’t as advertised but generally I don’t moan when this happens and have a little stack of duplicates I’ll one day dispose of as a result.

Then a ticket for the 1985 University of East Anglia gig, always nice to have these ticket stubs; a bootleg cassette of “Protest Songs” kindly donated by Tommy from Facebook (I really love these cassettes) and finally a very very scruffy Swoon poster, smelling like it’s been in someone’s garage in the damp. ┬áThis is far more significant than it looks and I will have a lot more to say about it before too long.

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