AutoLeisureLand – David Brewis

David Brewis – no obvious relation of the Brewis brothers of Field Music – is a long time Paddy friend and collaborator. In the early days of Prefab Sprout and Brewis’ band, the Kane Gang, the bands would swap headline slots in pub gigs, and the two way traffic included a drummer, Graham Lant, for Swoon, which Brewis produced. He popped up from time to time in other occasions, playing guitar on the Big World Café version of “Golden Calf”, and joining the promo lineup for “Andromeda Heights”. Oh, and he was the mystery pianist in the “When Love Breaks Down” video. Big guy, as was, crop of dark hair, looked a bit dangerous.

He’s just released a solo album, “AutoLeisureLand”, and very good it is too. Completely instrumental, gentle but catchy jazz/blues and even Spanish tinged music. 1960sish, hints of Steely Dan here and there, and although not music that’s exactly going to change your life, it would certainly enhance a candlelit dinner or a drive on a summer’s evening, or indeed writing a blog post or translating from the Japanese (which I can confirm from direct experience).

It’s on Spotify for the curious and stingy, but I’d hope others will head over to the website and avail themselves of one of the very nice limited edition CDs. Which you can do by clicking on the graphic above.

I just bought mine. Lovely stuff.

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