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carbootI don’t as a rule have non-Sprout content here, beyond occasional personal ramblings, but I do want to make an exception to bring attention to this particular blog, and twitter account. In fact I follow it more on twitter than the blog.

The premise is extremely simple – the blog owner collects vinyl at car boot sales and similarly economical sources of records, and talks about what she finds.

For anyone who collects, and particularly anyone who collects via the increasingly expensive online sources, it’s mouth-watering, and very inspiring. And there are amusing elements, such as the “car boot bingo card” which includes albums that always turn up, like Paul Young’s “No Parlez”.

And there’s information in the blog about how to clean records properly, and other such incidental matters. It’s really great. What I love in particular are the little oddball things that pop up – there was a 6″ 78 on the twitter feed today.

I’ve sort of scrabbled around this sort of idea myself with a couple of abortive ideas, one of which I don’t think was on here but was a Sprout charity shop challenge which I think turned up precisely one LP, Jordan, and nothing else. And another to find the cheapest possible copies of Steve McQueen, which didn’t really find much and even the cheap copies turned out quite expensive. I have to admit found it quite hard work getting out to the car boots on a Sunday morning, but if anything can inspire me, it’s this blog.

Give it a go anyway. You can get to the blog by clicking on the graphic, or access the twitter feed via this link.

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