Ebay Item of the Week – April 26th 2016

ebay2Not as high-faluting as many of the “Items of the Week”, but this would be a great way to kick start a Prefab Sprout on vinyl collection at a bargain price. The opening price is cheap as chips, and the postage for five LPs is a bargain. By the looks of things these albums have been well looked after too.

Notes for the collector: “Swoon” is the “Nice Price” version, which means it doesn’t have a gatefold and probably the inner sleeve advertises other albums. I’m not sure about the similarly “Nice Price” Steve McQueen inner, be interested to know if anyone reading this wins the auction, but probably it’s the standard one with the “Paddy as George Michael” picture. There’s nothing wrong with the pressings for the “nice price” versions by the way, they will have been from new stampers.

As usual, click on the picture to get to the auction.


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