Ebay Item of the Week – December 20th 2017

This is very difficult to find – an official Dutch promo for a mooted “single” release of Billy, which amusingly used the graphic accidentally attached to the leaked Crimson/Red MP3s and which was widely believed to be official because they appeared to be part of the file metadata. What happened there is that someone (not me, but I know who it was) received the MP3s, attached the image found somewhere online for the benefit of the MP3 player screen, and then sent the files to someone else who was the source of most of the sharing. Then someone else looked at the metadata and got very excited to find the picture.

I think the Dutch operation, probably a few spliffs short of full attention span, also featured the unofficial Cary Grant video which I made one wet Friday afternoon, as if it were official and featured it on their web site.

Anyway, these are stupendously hard to find, and in my view worth the money although it’s quite a steep price. It’s a buy it now, so be quick. Click on the graphic to get to the listing.

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