Ebay Item of the Week – March 26th 2017

One of the most difficult of all commercially released Prefab Sprout items to find, there were only a handful of these made as I understand. Bear in mind that for anyone outside the US there will be customs charges on this, and it’s really more of a collectible than a useful piece of media given that most of the videos are available in hi-res on Vevo or the YouTube Vevo Channel (albeit with a bit of VPN chicanery to get past the geo restrictions).

But it is a fabulous thing. Overpriced? Don’t know, it’s a lot of money for something that probably isn’t all that useful for actually playing, but I must say that if I didn’t have one already I’d have bought it at the price. As usual, click on the graphic to get to the Ebay listing.

One thought

  1. I remember having the vhs of the best of prefab sprout.the promo videos ( quite short in content if memory serves) & as far as I know never reissued on dvd.pity really a nice dvd compilation ( with all the promo videos.tv appearances.live stuff.etc) would be great.but I’m not holding my breath on that one.x

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