Ebay Item of the Week – May 27th 2019

A very rare and difficult to find item, not for everyone, this is the “Life of Surprises” videodisk, on a fairly cheap buy-it-now and free postage, though personally I’d pay the extra and get some sort of tracked airmail. Note though that you’ll probably be hit for customs duty on top of the purchase price, and there are better versions of most of the videos on Vevo anyway.

But for completists, where else are you going to find one?

Click on the graphic to get to the listing.


One thought

  1. Curious why the videos haven’t been reissued on DVD or blu ray? I have a mild collection of 80s videos that haven’t been released in a newer format: EBTG, INXS, New Order, this one, etc. Any rumblings of a Cherry Tree-type reissue house for these?

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