Ebay Item of the Week – May 5th, 2016

sk1We’re out in the world of the oddball collectible here, with a very rare object at a nice starting price. “A One Way Ticket to Palookaville”.

Now this may be more of interest to Daintees fans, as there are a couple of unreleased (I believe) tracks on it with CD quality audio, but as an object, it’s lovely, being the first Kitchenware Laserdisc, and it does have Sprout content. To properly enjoy it, you do need to find yourself a laserdisc player, great big hulking lumps of technology full of enticing clicks and thumps as you insert and play them, but there’s something very satisfying about the objects themselves, large shiny solid discs. They are nowhere near DVD quality incidentally, so for viewing pleasure, the videos usually on YouTube are the best. You gain nothing from having a laserdisc except the joy of actually owning it.

Should you decide to invest in playback apparatus and want to spread the cost and shelf space over more than one disc, there are two more laserdiscs for the Sprout fan. There is a variant of “From Langley Park to Hollywood“. And the stupendously difficult to find “Life of Surprises“, which goes for silly money, because I believe issued only in very limited quantities. Note that in both cases, the items linked to are for me massively overpriced and would be subject to import duty as coming from Peru. Like Paddington. Except Paddington brought marmalade sandwiches, and the last thing you need near a laserdisc is marmalade.

As usual with Japanese anything, you get a ton of inserts and folding sheets. The “Palookaville” compilation was issued on VHS too – quite hard to find – in a couple of editions.

Click on the graphic to get to the listing.

2 thoughts

  1. Had the vhs bought from hmv ( the time of its release
    Haven’t got it now ( alas) it was a rather good compilation the sprouts.the danties.hurrah!.somebody should have the good sense to release it on DVD.but I won’t hold me breath.x

    1. It comes down to the cost of licensing the material (high) versus the probable demand (low). They’re mostly on YouTube anyway, and to be honest, beyond a certain kitsch, they’re not masterpieces!

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