Ebay Item of the Week – November 20th, 2017

Massive health warning attached to this – the reason “Hey Manhattan!” CDs are very rare is because they suffer from CD Bronzing, a condition where the materials making up the CD react with each other to produce a bronze rather than silver coloured disk, and the CD becomes unplayable. This is clearly the case with this one as the description acknowledges – I have encountered only one playable example of this CD in nearly ten years (which is now safely ripped for posterity) although there is a European 3″ CD which doesn’t suffer the problems (but is even rarer, one of the few items I don’t have a copy of).

But all that being said, a collection should have a copy, even if unplayable, and this has a low starting price. As usual, click on the graphic to find the listing.

One thought

  1. Is there any place to even hear this recorded version of Tornado? I have heard the very early demo, but never this B-side recorded version and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It would be fun to hear the differences.

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