Ebay Item of the Week – November 22nd 2019

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but this is an absolute beauty. A very rare signed “Crimson/Red” CD, signed by Paddy in the corner, absolutely pukka. Very low starting price, and Sproutology even gets a mention in the listing, though I haven’t been in contact with the seller.

As usual, click on the graphic to get to the listing…

One thought

  1. Wow, just seen this.
    I am indeed the seller.
    Crikey. And yes I mentioned the site as it is the only one I have seen that validates this item.
    My brother (who gave me this) has a friend who is a musician and he knows or knew Pete McLaughlin (if I spelled it right). He is mentioned on this site as an early cohort of Paddy’s.

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