Ebay Item of the Week – October 19th 2015

mhz“I Trawl the Megahertz” must have been an utterly soul destroying experience for Paddy. He laboured long and hard on it, during a period of debilitating eye surgery, and for my money it’s his best album. Yet for some reason almost no one noticed it, with the exception of Studio Pop.

He has the last laugh now of course, sort of. You’ll be lucky to see change out of thirty quid for a copy. Not that he sees any of that. Second hand CD sales are worth nothing for the artist.

But promotional items aren’t common at all, so this one, the French Press Kit, isn’t something you’ll see a lot of. It features the original artwork and some information on promotional engagements. And absolutely as cheap as chips on a buy it now. As usual, click on the picture to get to the listing.





One thought

  1. i agree – it’s a terrific album. But it wasn’t completely ignored. I remember Fiona Talkington was a big fan and played every single track on Late Junction.
    PS Thanks for for this excellent site.

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