El Cheapo McQueen – How low can you go?

mugThis was somewhat inspired by a recent sighting on Ebay of a very cheap Steve McQueen CD, but also I love excuses to go off on a good hunt around boot fairs and charity shops and online.

So the idea is that I (and anyone who cares to join in the madness, which experience suggests is absolutely no one at all, you boring lot), will go off and attempt to find the cheapest possible copies in all formats but with a special attention to vinyl. And I will record the running results on this page for a month or two.

Rules are: no contrived sales, i.e. selling a copy to yourself for 1p, and postage and packing must be included in the price. You have to prove the price either with a photo or a receipt if you purchase it, or by a sworn affidavit written in blood at midnight on a moonless night with the Devil’s countersignature given at the first crossroads north of Fellatio Drive. Condition of no relevance whatsoever.

As my starters for way less than 10, we have:

CD Ebay: £1.76 including P&P from estocks. The price that started it allUPDATE: now reduced 1p to £1.75!!

Cassette: Ebay £5.14. From Poland. I Expect to be able to beat that price fairly quickly via MusicStack
Cassette: Amazingly it’s quite difficult to find cheap cassettes these days, but at a total price of £3.20 including standard delivery, Amazon has it for the moment…

Vinyl: Ebay £4.95. Excellent price for the “Nice Price” reissue from France. Many thanks to Greece for the exchange rate.

Possible contender as well here, but depends on whether there’s a BIDDING WAR. Starting price is 99p with free postage.
UPDATE: there was a bidding war, up to a VERTIGINOUS £6.00. Meanwhile extensive searching of the £1 bins in Brighton’s “Across The Tracks” failed to turn anything up. Greece is still winning.


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