For Sale: Andromeda Heights

They say the only things you regret as a collector are the things you missed, and this is a great example of that. On sale at Ewbanks in Woking on July 26th was the original artwork for Andromeda Heights. I did, of course, bid on it, but got nowhere close. Final hammer price was £1000 plus around 35% commission, and I wasn’t even the immediate underbidder on that. So I’m a little rueful this evening, though consoled by being £1500 or so better off at least than I would have been if I’d won.

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  1. I wouldnt lose sleep over it Tim. All good things come to those who wait. Do you think someone like Keith, Paddy, Martin etc may have purchased it ???? Its only a painting. Like you, I have a signed poster of it signed by Paddy. Id rather it signed by Paddy than by yer one.

  2. Not a bad price for a painting with prominence, most likely the buyer is not a Sprout fan but a general art collector but you never know?

  3. There was a competition, some years ago, promoted by Rockstar, an Italian music magazine. They asked readers to list the best 10 songs of the last 20 years of the past Century. I won this competition and I received the serigraphy of Andromeda Height with the signature of Paddy McAloon. I have it in my office, and it is priceless… What is the best song of those years? Bonny, obviously!!!

  4. I entered a competition on the Kitchenware website back in the day to win a signed copy of the artwork and then promptly forgot about it. About two months later a cardboard tube arrived with no covering note but a Paddy McAloon inscribed artwork. Proudly framed on the landing for many year now.

    Will send you a picture if you would like me to send on?


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