Guess What? Winter’s Arrived….

imageThis is a little postscript from the Snorkel incident. While digging around for further Sprout items at my behest, Glyn Jones, former National Sales Manager at CBS, found the famous “Hey Manhattan!” Snow Globe and very kindly sent it to me in exchange for a charitable donation.

Leaving aside the incongruity of using a Snow Globe to promote a song that starts with a howl of delight greeting the arrival of Summer, and even given the fact it needs a bit of TLC as half the water and all the snowflakes have drained out, it remains a lovely little bit of memorabilia.

In the same vein, there were a few little promotional items I’d love to find. The “Atlantis” Snorkel of course, the “Cars and Girls” car, and the “Carnival 2000” Party Pack. They’re out there somewhere.





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