Item of the week – March 31st 2016

steUsually the week after Easter has Ebay stuffed full of things that have been dug out of the loft during decluttering exercises, and there are indeed a few things up there of that ilk, a 99p Jordan LP for example.

But to find something interesting we have to go further afield, and specifically to Yahoo auctions in Japan which is one of the few places where Ebay hasn’t taken the entire market. I buy a steady stream of things from there, usually via the Buyee service which is excellent but not cheap – there are a lot of add on charges including mailing, but on the plus side you get tracked packages that arrive very quickly. Buyee is usually featured as an ad on the site if you arrive from Europe.

Anyway, this is the Japanese Release of Steve McQueen, which is probably the best version of the vinyl you’ll find, including the reissue on 180g vinyl from a couple of years ago, beautifully packaged and apparently in tip top condition. If I recall correctly the lyrics booklet includes English versions, but somehow omits to mention Pearl Harbour in Faron Young. Very low starting bid too, about five dollars US I think.

As usual, click on the graphic to get to the original listing.

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  1. There is an interesting story about why there’s no eBay in Japan. Short version of it is that eBay were late to market in Japan and are arrogant enough to assume they’d conquer the market without localising or adapting their site to support Eastern users. They were hammered into submission by Yahoo Auctions.

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