UPDATE Vinyl Reissues – 25th October. Let’s Change the World with Music

UPDATE: Another title has appeared, again spotted by Daneil. This is significant as it’s one of the non Sony albums, “Let’s Change the World with Music”, and as we’re proceeding more or less chronologically this would imply the Gunman may have a release too, which I’d love. A much underrated album.

Thanks to Daneil once again for this information. JPC.DE are listing Steve McQueen, Protest Songs and Andromeda Heights for an October 25th release on vinyl.

No word yet on box sets.



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    1. Lots of rumours, triggered mostly by Paddy in a Norwegian interview this year, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some relics emerging in box sets over the next few months. There are lots of things in a very good state of repair, demos for Jordan, Andromeda Heights, which could just be released as they are, others that might need a bit of cleaning up like some of the rough-cut Steve McQueen acoustic demos. There are certainly many treasures in the Sony archive, let alone what might emerge from boxes from under Paddy’s bed. At the time of the release of “Let’s Change the World With Music”, a box had been located with old reel to reel tapes from the late 70s, goodness knows what’s on that but good versions of some of the earlier songs – the “Lucilles”, “Igor Stravinsky”, “Bizarre” would be great to have.

      I get the impression Paddy is setting his affairs in order and looking to set up income streams from his life’s work, so he’s relaxing some of his former control freakery and letting things out. Let’s hope so. Maybe the “These Decades of Denial” box set that was once invented as a Sproutnet hoax does eventually see the light of day in reality.

      1. Howdy folks! A Box-set? All news on Paddy or Sprouts are highly awaited. Some new material would be so ossom. “Femmes” is the first one to wait. Sadly there has been no confirmation about the release date whatsoever.

  1. Andromeda Heights? Was this ever issued on vinyl? I certainly don’t have one. Just praying that they get quality control right. I would love a copy of I Trawl… but all the reviews say the pressing is so bad that it is not worth bothering with.

    1. Dr Winston,

      Andromeda Heights wasn’t released on vinyl, so this is one to saviour when it appears.

      You should look into purchasing I Trawl The Megahertz. I got one of the coloured vinyl versions from Rough Trade and they instigated a replacement based on the issues of the initial pressings. Only the retailer you buy from can inform you if their stock was also replaced. The issue is on the title track only. The replacement version of the vinyl is excellent.

  2. I hope to see a special CD release of their collected remixes soon too? Most are out-of-print and for those who are late bloomers to the wonderful music of Prefab Sprout, that’ll be a much-awaited wish-come-true. Cheerio!

  3. Exciting news! It would be great to get mastering info on all vinyl re-releases. Reissues often feel like a roll of the dice. I’m often wondering ‘Will I end up with the audio equivalent of a cd on vinyl?’

  4. I was just looking ahead on iTunes New Zealand, as their time zone is ahead. The first batch of remasters will also be available on download and streaming tomorrow (27th Sept).

  5. Streaming and hi-res FLAC downloads are available for the first four remastered titles, and will likely be for the next four as well. But no CD releases of these remastered versions seem imminent, do they…

  6. These remastered versions will be out on download and streaming tomorrow (24th). However the streaming and download versions seem to have been messed up on all 4 releases. The track names are labelled in the right order but the actual tracks are in the wrong order. I spotted this when looking at iTunes New Zealand as the track times looked wrong. You can hear what mean by checking the audio on Amazon Japan now or check streaming sites tomorrow (24th).

    1. Just listening to Protest Songs now and was taken aback. Yes, all the songs are messed up. Wow! The sound quality is good, though. It has been so long between releases when it comes to PS, I should not complain.

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