Official Release Date for Reissues

As trailed here a couple of weeks ago, there are reissues on the way. There’s now an official release date for remastered 180g vinyl of “Swoon”, “From Langley Park to Memphis” “Jordan the Comeback”, and “A Life of Surprises”, plus a welcome surprise of a T-Shirt, available right up to 3XL for those more expansive middle-aged spreaders amongst us.

This leads to a few questions: where is “Steve McQueen” (possibly this is viewed as being the reissue on vinyl a couple of years ago and there won’t be another)? And the rarities box set (my bet is Christmas for that)? And “Femmes Mythologiques” (fashionably late, comme toutes les femmes d’ailleurs…). And where is the rumoured wax cylinder release of Swoon?

Exciting times, and nice to see Sony are properly rinsing the fanbase with some nice bundled packages. I have two of the mega bundle on order from the official store.

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  1. Where’s Protest Songs ? And why has Super Deluxe Edition removed all traces of the reissues off of their site after running a sizeable feature for a few days ?

  2. Hi Nigel,

    Super Deluxe Edition hasn’t removed the Prefab Sprout article about the re-issues.

    You just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “older posts”, or do a search for Prefab Sprout.

    Here’s the link to the article you’re referring to:

    I’m assuming the reissues will be staggered over a period of time, so hopefully we’ll get the other releases at a later date.

    It’s great that there’s any activity at all in Prefab Sprout land – long may it continue.

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