Postbag Roundup – April 15th 2017

A nicely mixed bag this time through, which appropriately enough includes a mixed bag of nice Red Wedge items from the January 1986 Newcastle gig, the one where the Smiths famously tore the place up after Paddy and Wendy did a couple of songs. We are still looking for the audio of that night, it definitely does exist but no-one has ever managed to find their copy.

Then some music magazines and cuttings – a great big bag of cuttings actually, plus a 1990 Barrowlands ticket.

The new Japanese book on the Sprouts also in the pile with a New Zealand manufactured “Steve McQueen” for the completism shelf.

Probably my favourite item here is Keith Hawkin’s “Sun Connection” fanzine – a great little time capsule and it came with a few CDs of interesting recordings which I’m working through.


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