Postbag Roundup – February 21st 2016

postThe haul since last time…

Everything’s sitting on top of a barely visible and quite well-loved “Jordan Tour” poster.

Couple of Spanish Ruta66 magazines with interviews for the interview project.

A publicity photo.

Couple of singles. The one with a big “A” was a pre-release of “When Love Breaks Down” from the Capital Radio library. Underneath that is a standard release the seller of the first one sent me by mistake. In fact I committed the cardinal sin of not checking, and I already have a copy of the first. There will probably be a “Sprout for Nowt” coming up soon as the duplicates are starting to build up again.

The “When Love Breaks Down CD” I couldn’t resist because it was 99p all in. This was one of my “difficult to find” items, now relegated to being “fairly easy to find”. Scandinavian release.

And last and probably most interesting, couple of pre-release cassettes from the guy who sent me the snow globe. Protest Songs and “Prefab Sprout LP”, which is Langley from before it was named. I don’t think the latter is anything magic though, just a pre-release of the issued album.

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