Postbag Roundup – January 10th 2015

image The haul from the the Christmas period.

In ascending order of excitement, a few cassettes in variants I didn’t have, including a Spanish “Jordan”, and European “Langley” and “Jordan”. In fact it turned out I already had the European tapes, albeit in sealed versions, but they weren’t very expensive and it’s often easier to buy and check rather than attempt inquiries. Or that’s what I tell myself as I ruefully put them into the duplicates box.

Then a promotional transparency from the Andromeda Heights period, with the band channeling the Kray Gang, and Wendy  toting a cigar.

The “Cars and Girls” CD is a great find, though doesn’t look like much. This cover style is very rare: normally the CDs for this were either a picture disk with see through jewel case, or a wider format picture with smaller lettering top right. So delighted to find this.

And finally, a pre-release CD-R of the Gunman, nothing particularly special as far as I can tell but nice to have. greek

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  1. I’ve got two copies of the cars and girls discs above Tim 🙂 Also pleased that the actual CD did not come from UK PDO factory but from West Germany so it’s made to last!

    1. Same cover? I’ve never seen it before I found this one, but that may be because I wasn’t looking carefully enough except for the issue number. Most Cars and Girls comes in two variants, original (like this one) and a later one with different lettering on the re-release. The joy of collecting is that however much you have there are always little surprises like this.

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