Postbag Roundup – January 22nd 2017

The first roundup of 2017, and a distinct Japanese accent is becoming apparent.

There is an absolute stack of Japanese magazines and interviews which I’m picking up en masse now I can OCR them effectively. Of these, the most notable is the 2000 Banana Yoshimoto piece in GQ – two different artists discussing how they work. It’s a fascinating encounter, and I’m taking my time over translating it as it’s properly significant material.

Also from Japan (via China) a signed “38 Carat Collection” which I bought months ago but had to pick up from my friend Zheng in Shanghai in December. It cost absolutely peanuts, couple of quid I think, via Taobao.

Then the Joseph Fox Music View transcription disks from where the recent audio interview was lifted, plus an Italian magazine and the German “Spex” from 1988 which had an interview I’d missed.

I did manage to miss a couple of things too, the perils of keeping two different in-trays safe from a rampaging 18 month year old. But I’ll cover those next time.


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