Postbag Roundup – July 23rd 2017

Quite a lot of stuff in the pile this time round, but nothing of earthshattering excitement. Lots of various magazines and newspapers, the main one of note being an interview from June 1988, Fachblatt, other things are feature articles and so on I bought to see if they were anything new and weren’t.

I had a bit of a cassette kick recently, but for “sealed in cellophane” copies. That explains the mostly Spanish cassettes. Also hiding away in the pile somewhere is a French limited edition “Life of Surprises” with different insert brochure and catalogue number suffix.

Vinyl wise it’s an LP of “Life of Surprises” and Italian “When Love Breaks Down”, both as slight upgrades to existing copies. There’s going to be another Sprout for Nowt coming up I should think as there are groaning piles of duplicates again.

And then the books, a signed UK edition of “The Speed of Sound”, and the new John Birch book, which I’ll get round to reviewing in a couple of weeks probably.

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