Postbag Roundup – June 11th 2017

Centrepiece this time is a Steve McQueen tour poster so big there’s no room to unroll it. A slightly Spinal Tap moment there when it arrived because I thought it was A3 size. You can see only a fraction of it here.

Then running round, we have a Musician and Recording World which has a “Prefab Sprout Piece” which turns out to be essentially a stage layout. Couple of Hot Press mags – in fact there was a pile of loads of these from 1989 and 1990 for next to nothing, if anyone wants the remainder they’re welcome to them, get in touch.

Two publicity photos I didn’t already have, including the nice one of Wendy from the Steve McQueen photoshoot. A Spanish concert ticket. A few Japanese magazines for the great translation project. A sealed Spanish cassette of Protest Songs, and a “Life of Surprises” laserdisc in mint condition which turned up very inexpensively.

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