Postbag Roundup – June 28th 2015

imageAn impossibly large build up of things this time, due to not having done a roundup for ages and having had a baby. Too many items to see in the picture in fact. Makes a change.

Magazines: A Smash Hits with this interview with Wendy, plus one with a tiny review of “Johnny Johnny”. A few Record Mirrors, mostly for this singles review but also for a few miscellaneous cuttings. A German magazine with a fine interview (available here in English incidentally) and a line drawing. CDs of “King of Rock ‘N’ Roll” and (rarely almost entirely playable albeit bronzed) “Hey Manhattan!”. An “Art of Mix” version of “If You Don’t Love Me”. A copy of the “38 Carat Collection” which was stupidly and irresistably cheap and which I bought for the car.

And a little clutch of mostly signed records. Signed not by Paddy, but by Martin and Neil: “Steve McQueen” (signed by Martin only) , “Langley”, and “When Love Breaks Down”. These were from Ebay, where the seller listed them as Paddy signed, but they’re obviously Martin: he threw the “When Love Breaks Down” in free with an unsigned 12″ of “Johnny Johnny”, and explained they’d been signed at Newcastle City Hall in 1985.

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