Postbag Roundup – May 14th 2016

imageSome time since I last did an update so things have been piling up a little. A nice mixed bag though.

In the centre, a Panini sticker. Behind that a Melody Maker with a short interview. A great stack of Portugese “Blitz” music papers with Sprout content (including the poster, top right). This was interesting in that most of the content was filched directly from UK interviews: there are a couple of original pieces though which I’ll be putting into the interview section of the site in due course.

The bootleg of the KCRW show as previously discussed. Plus a copy of Megahertz which was cheap enough to pick up, and a lovely French promo copy of the same from David S which he was kind enough to pass onto me in exchange for something he hadn’t got.

And the two star items. A signed Langley. Not a great signature, almost rubbing off, but then again it wasn’t expensive at all.

And the best of the lot Cecile Roux’ new Sprout book I’m just reading this – it’s in French, which fortunately I read fluently – and I’ll review this when I’ve done.

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