Postbag Roundup – October 23rd 2016

imageA much smaller haul than last time, and the odd mistake too. That’s collecting for you I guess.

A couple of Coca Cola promo CDs, actually bought by mistake because I already had those. I also bought a couple of items from the “Driving” post because I was curious about them. There’s the little book lower left which has a CD and feature about the bands, quite nice actually. Plus the “Freewheelin'” cassette which was a Q magazine cover freebie, cover freebies are one of my little sub-collection interests.

Underneath that a good copy of the Spanish “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” I complained about having a bad copy of last time. Then what I thought might be a handbill for the “Swoon” tour but is in fact a newspaper cutting, bah!

Another cover disk from “musicexpress”, and a couple of promo photos. One was the one I featured last week, and the final one maintains quite a good run of signed items, being a promo from 1992/3.

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