Postbag Roundup – October 7th 2016

imageReal bumper selection this time. Even I was surprised at how much there was when I laid it out for the photoshoot.

In the background, an Andromeda Heights glossy promo poster. Not the same as the signed art paper one from before. To go along with this, 4 12″ Andromeda Heights display flats, album cover size, which would look nice framed with other real albums at some point.

NAB Cartridge of “Cars and Girls” from an Australian Radio station. VHS of Olympic songs, including a video of “If You Don’t Love Me” and a couple of promo cassettes from Colombia with Sprout songs on, “If You Don’t Love Me” and “Carnival 2000”. Couple of Daily Mail cover CDs.

A few Record Mirrors for assorted cuttings, nothing special. Press release and promo photo for “The Collection” from CBS US. Couple of NMEs, one for a cutting, the other because it was the original copy with the “Real Life” EP attached and had a mint copy of that.

Longbox “Two Wheels Good” sealed in original shrink wrap. Four Spanish singles – the one sided promos with yellow labels are very common indeed, it’s far harder to find the actual Spanish red label releases with two sides. To the point I didn’t know they even existed until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately my “King of Rock N Roll” is damaged so if anyone has a nice copy they want to offload I’d be interested.

And finally a signed copy of “Life of Surprises” which popped up on Ebay while I happened to be looking, and the original deleted single of “Cowboy Dreams” which I’ve been looking for for years (not the card sleeved promo version). and is the best item of the bunch.

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  1. Tim- I do have a red-labelled Spanish King of Rock and Roll, only it is 12″, not 7″. I don’t give any value to it whatsoever (I’m more attached to my collection of all Langley Park 7″ (British ones) for sentimental reasons so to say) It’s in mint condition (only the owner, Jose, decided to sign his name both on the sleeve and on the record) to the point that it still has the record shop labels. I’ll be very happy to give it to you. If you’re interested, PM me.

    1. Thanks, I do have the 12″ one already thanks. The 7″ I have is OK but there’s a crack in the vinyl, so I’ll find another Spanish pressed one eventually.

      1. Cool. I would have been surprised if you hadn’t had it. Sadly I don’t have a Spanish 7″ , but I’ll keep an eye out, sometimes they do turn up in second hand fairs (where I fished the 12″)

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