Postbag Roundup – September 3rd 2016

postbagThe first sweet rains of September (where do the years go?) greet the following miscellany:

Two South African CDs, “Jordan” and “Life of Surprises”

Two teenage graphic novels including Sprout photos

Two magazines, “Les Inrockuptibles” from 1988 and “City Limits” from 1985. The Inrocks interview is great incidentally, and is in the queue to be translated.

A doublepack of singles, “When Love Breaks Down” and “Faron Young”. This was because my copy of the double pack is sealed, where this one was open at the end and it gives me the chance to look at the vinyl.

And a signed print on heavy paper of the “Andromeda Heights” artwork. I had to sign up to the Swedish “Tradera” site for this. Obscure auction sites are often better than Ebay as there’s less competition. This print is absolutely lovely and may end up on the wall in the shrine.

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