Postbag Update – November 20th 2016


Home from 2 weeks holiday last week, and a nice little pile of jiffy bags was waiting for me.

Starting with the cassettes. A Spanish version of “Life of Surprises”. A European “Steve McQueen” with a variant of the usual cassette body (a very completist item, that), a promo copy of “Looking For Atlantis” which turned up when I was doing the “cassingle” piece and I bought so it didn’t get junked – it’s available at cost for anyone wanting it by the way, just contact me – and a Middle Eastern bootleg version of “Protest Songs” on the “Talent” label. I love these bootlegs: this one was done with a lot of care, the cover is well produced and there is a little lyric insert where all the songs have had their lyrics carefully typed out, including a few from “Langley” included to even out the playing length.

Also in the media section is an Australian promo single of “Looking For Atlantis”, and not shown in the photo is the UK CD of “Hey Manhattan!”, sadly bronzed to feck, but these are becoming very scarce in any condition now.

Couple of Italian magazine bits. One is a Ciao 2001 from March 1986 with a good interview from the Italian promo tour, and another a centrefold poster from the same magazine, I think from 1985 but no date, with an interview on the back. Both will be scanned and translated in coming weeks.

“Alternative Rhythm” fanzine – US Florida based free magazine containing an interview that has been featured already.

And to complete a great run of signed things in recent postbag updates, a Kitchenware poster, signed with jocular notes by Keith Armstrong, Martin Stephenson, John Steele (from the Daintees) and Martin McAloon, from someone who worked in a hotel in Leicester where the band stayed. Probably this was the 1984 tour by Prefab Sprout which the Daintees supported, though Martin also worked as a roadie for the Daintees so it could have been from a solo outing. And a “Lions” 12″ signed by Martin Mc, Wendy and Keith Armstrong.


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