The Ultimate Prefab Sprout Discography

discogI have some plans to do a complete online discography, nicely presented and with graphics. What puts me off slightly is the scale of the job, and the fact that this seems to be the last thing people do when creating fan sites before losing interest completely. I can sort of see why: the idea of photographing hundreds of things and uploading them is daunting in the extreme.

So as a half way house, I’m putting up my working discography, currently running to 58 pages of A4. It’s in the permanent site menuĀ  as well as the link in this post.

This is a live link to the actual document itself in RTF non platform dependent formatĀ so will be updated when I update it – pretty much whenever I find something new – and is a mixture of discography, wants list, and collection catalogue. If you see an item prefixed “**” and you have it, you also have what is known as a “strong negotiating position” should you want to sell.

Otherwise it wombles off happily into every variant of every release I’ve been able to locate, gives matrix numbers and other identifying features, and should you wish to follow me into obsessive completism or even sectional completeism it’s your essential guide. What it doesn’t do – and what I could do with help with – is identifying release dates of specific variants.

Have fun exploring. If nothing else it’ll indicate where to find the original non-album B-Sides.


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