Thomas Dolby – Speed of Sound, Signed copies

Fantastic deal here, courtesy of David S who found it. Signed copies of Thomas Dolby’s “Speed of Sound” in the UK edition, available for pre-order. Click on the graphic to get to the ordering info.

Leaving aside my firm conviction that the book should have been called “Sound at the Speed of Light”, it’s a great and highly enjoyable read. Thomas told me he thought the book would be a little different in the UK format because there was less of a need to spell things out for the US audience. No idea what’s changed if anything, but if you haven’t got a copy yet this is a fantastic opportunity to get it in the form of a collector’s item. Which I have taken myself as it happens. Just ordered.

Worth looking for the audiobook too, if this has been released now in the UK there are often introductory offers around to get it essentially free.

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Copy ordered.
    Thanks also for the Discogs link. I purchased the signed boxset from Spain.

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