Too Busy Living

living1You get into odd little loops when you restore live material and also collect bootlegs, because much of what you do ends up as collectibles being sold back to you.

This is a case in point, being a copy of the KCRW show including Wichita Lineman, which I worked up from Bedford’s TDK SA Master, carefully correcting the speed and put up on Dimeadozen. Someone Stateside picked that up and put it out as a CD-R bootleg, which I obligingly bought. Because I was curious.

Legions of dead cats will explain where that gets you, but in truth it’s not a badly produced CD-R – a little bit blurry on the cover artwork, but it looks OK – and good luck to “Black Cat Records” who did it. Even has a barcode and a title, “Too Busy Living”.

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