Weekly Postbag, June 28th 2014

Postbag.JPGMore variation this week. Least interesting are the two CD singles which I bought solely for an experiment into pocket money collecting. However that also turned up the 2CD “Kings of Rock & Roll” set which is on sale on Ebay from some sort of remainder bin seller for £1 plus £1.30 p&p, which is an absolute bargain. It’s a well curated set with some obscure B sides, and this fully factory sealed mint copy is now replacing an older one in the collection.

Then a Spanish magazine interview from the Langley Period. The front cover includes a well endowed gentleman wearing nothing more than a posing pouch, but it’s not as bad as the interview in a French porn mag complete with pages stuck together (I kid you not), all of which bears witness to the grubby underbelly of collecting. I will scan the Spanish article and post it at some point soon.

And so to the two star items. A fully signed CBS Promo copy of “Langley” from Ebay – apologies if you were bidding against me on this. And my favourite thing of the week and probably the year so far, an original “Big Al” Camden Market Protest Demo’s bootleg courtesy of Robin. As with all Big Al bootlegs, it seems, it’s sped up to fit onto the tape and almost certainly comes from the same recording as the Sony cassette I pictured on the Protest Songs posted recently.

One thought

  1. You’ll do me a favour if you scan that interview from the Spanish mag…It does come from a controversial Spanish mag (not porn, but supposedly avant-garde and full with “daring” photoshoots which involved lots of naked people)At 17 my very best friend stole that mag from her big bro and gave it to me, knowing how much I loved the Sprouts.. That was twenty-six years ago, so you can imagine it has got lost since then…

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