Camelot, Bari – February 20th 1986

Sproutology returns after a short trip overseas to bring you another concert out of sequence, following a request on Facebook from someone who was at the gig.

camelotbariThis is from the short 1986 tour of Italy, and an absolutely tremendous concert, with not at all bad recording – sourced from a cassette bootleg – considering the levels of crowd noise. The set had been extended from the Steve McQueen tour proper, with the addition of a few very little heard songs: “Horsin’ Around”, “He’ll Have to Go”, and “Dublin” for example, the latter essentially swamped by the crowd noise.

For crowd noise there certainly was: an extraordinary lively crowd nearly takes the roof off the small, nondescript venue, singing and shouting like a football match at times. It’s really tremendous stuff.

And they weren’t phased half way through “Tiffany’s” by a power cut that took out the lights and amplification, forcing Neil Conti into an impromptu drum solo.

As a little bonus, included below is a section of a TV interview from later in the year where Paddy and Wendy discuss the passion of the Italian fans at the concert. The whole thing is on YouTube.

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  1. Thanks a lot, i came to know about this concert from my job collegue who was there back 30 years ago. I’d love to have all the set’s mp3 files for my pleasure listening of one of my favourire band !!!

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