A Hot, Steaming Mug of WTF?

padThe thing is, you never stop being surprised when you collect things.

A week ago, this CD-R appeared on Ebay, so I bid on it and eventually won the auction. I’d never seen it before, had no idea what it was, but it looked interesting.

And it turns out to be even more interesting than it appeared, but I have still no idea what it’s about. Have a listen. Ideas welcome!


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  1. By what process did the songs get sent to Cher, Kylie et al? Could this have been sent to singers, pitched “Would you like to cover these songs on your next album?”

  2. Just thinking, maybe it’s the other way round? Maybe these were sent from EMI to Paddy for authorisation for covering? I’m sure they’ll have made more copies than the one needed to go to Paddy

  3. Really interesting find! Especially “Wild Horses” does not sound like just a demo to me. Way too much artistic thought has been put into that. It is one of my favourite PS songs and I think the original can hardly be improved (even if I could have just a tad less vibrato in Paddy’s falsetto), but I like this version also.

    I guess the same goes for “God watch…” but I feel the singer just delivers the lyrics in “demo mode” without much thought on that one – and it’s not the easiest of songs so I don’t blame him.

  4. I’m unable to unstick from the originals. Yes, it’s interesting but I don’t like these versions much. The singers of these versions sound like the current trend of singers, I don’t how to put it, but I will try: they all sound as those wannabe pop stars that parade in those reality shows I detest. Their voices sound as if their owners were more concerned with the TV cameras than with the song itself. It’s a global trend with the singers. Compare them with those in the past.

  5. Wow, that take on Wild Horses is really great!
    Used to hear it a pop song with odd timing, but it’s
    an R&B song – before it’s time. Great thanks.


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