And the first shall be last – Turin, February 27th 1986

turinThe band had been booked to play in Turin’s Teatro Colosseo as the first date on the Italian tour, but due to snow their gear didn’t arrive, so the gig was moved to the end.

This is a curiously bad tempered affair: the initial portion of the concert is disrupted by arguments and bad feeling when the audience are prevented from dancing, with shout and complaints from the stage. For that reason, it has less of the joyful feel of the other Italian recordings. Not by any means a bad recording – medium quality audience tape in a difficult venue – but is probably a curiosity to listen to once or twice rather than something that will become a regular favourite. The set list has been juggled around, without “Dublin” (replaced with “Couldn’t Bear”) and both “Appetite” and “Faron Young” played twice.

One thought

  1. What to say about this marvel? Simply “the song”! It makes me cry every time, tears of joy, tears of sadness, either way, no other song breaks me like this one….

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