Barcelona Palau d’Esports – November 23rd 1990

barcaBack to the concert recordings after a little bit of a pause, and we’ve reached the Jordan Tour. In fact we’re rapidly getting to the point where all the known live recordings are on Sproutology, since the 2000 tour has already been documented.

The first gig on the tour,¬†Portsmouth, has already been posted. Astonishingly an entire UK tour then passed without any recordings emerging – either bootleggers weren’t bothering or security had been stepped up. There is a legendary but elusive recording of a gig in Amsterdam which has never emerged from its Anne Frank style hiding place in a secret room in a Rotterdam apartment, and so we reach Spain, and Barcelona, for the second recording, courtesy of Toni.

This is one of those tapes I have an affection for that transcends the actual quality – it’s a fairly lumpy audience recording in truth. I spent a lot of time at this time looking for tapes that were known about but had gone missing, so it was a bit like being a tourist rather than an explorer. But this was one I found myself down from hints on the internet; having made contact the¬†taper kindly sent me a CD. What came back was a very distorted transfer, but I was able to persuade him to lend me the cassette masters for a careful transfer and re-equalisation, and the results are fairly reasonable, especially given the paucity of recordings from this tour.

There must be other tapes though. I’m sure there must be. There are dark rumours of a soundboard recording made with the idea of a live album in mind. But to be honest a scratchy walkman cassette or two would be wonderful. If you have one, contact me.

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