Fleadh Revisited

fleadhJust to complete the “Anselm” videos, here is the original VHS transfer of the 2000 Fleadh material from “ITV at the Festivals”. It’s much the same as the material on youtube, but in one continuous piece. I’ve already posted the complete audio for this concert of course.

It would be lovely to hope that more of this footage exists somewhere – the last Prefab Sprout show ever – but sadly I think it’s gone the way of all flesh. It was made by a now defunct production company, and although I made a lot of efforts to track down unused material, all leads came to naught.

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  1. Excuse the geekery…..pity about the windowboxing on the original VHS tape. A consequence of recording a then-new widescreen broadcast in 4:3. If I could have my time again etc. Still at least we have it here for all to share, great memories of how they sounded on the 2000 tour.

  2. Absolutely Fantastic I flew over from Ireland that day for the gig having
    Seen them in the Olympia Dublin well worth it,
    Dave Newman,

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