Glasgow Royal Concert Hall – April 3rd 2000

royal-concert-hallRefreshed by a day off – as I’m sure we all are – Paddy and the gang hit Glasgow.

This concert was notable for the review in the Sunday Herald by Hannah McGill. Ms McGill evidently didn’t have a particularly enjoyable night, closing her piece with the reflection that:

“Surely even the most besotted fan would concede that any edge Prefab Sprout once had has deserted them. In the main part they are churning out the kind of sleek, smug soul music that should have been buried along with leather ties, wine bars and perms.”

She goes on to describe Paddy as “equal parts cave-dweller and jovial uncle”. Which I’m sure we can all agree with at least.

In the afternoon before the concert, a group of American fans were checking into their hotel and excitedly discussing the gig. Not knowing that the jovial uncle checking into his cave in front of them was, well, Paddy. Always raises a smile that one.

As ever, alternate tapes, other concerts, etc, gratefully received. Also we’re short of memorabilia for this concert, anyone got a ticket stub to scan?


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