Joakim Milder plays Paddy McAloon

milderI hadn’t noticed this previously, but it’s been up on Youtube for a few weeks. An entire concert of Joakim Milder playing Prefab Sprout music, with a high definition feed available. Great for smart TVs.

Having been in the audience for a shorter version of this last year, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’m not one for covers, but this is beyond that, it gets right into the soul of the music, and you get to hear it again, reinvented. Quite wonderful.

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for pointing us to this excellent interpretation of Paddy’s music which otherwise I would have missed. Immediately ordered the album…

  2. being a big fan of prefab sprout this is wonderful, and it sees such a natural fit ,cant find words that replace good , so its good and thankyou from me , wonderful will that do

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