Let’s go Dutch! Utrecht 1985

vredSo we’ve had some interviews and opinions, but I think it’s high time to continue with the 1985 European tour and one of the classic recordings.

A low key gig at the Vredenburg Hall in Utrecht, recorded from Dutch radio, and sounding really really great.

And there’s more too. If you’re a British Library member, you can visit Boston Spa or the National Library and listen to more of this on Soundserver. Details are at the gigography, but as a summary, Capital Radio in London had a copy of the tapes which was edited into a broadcast on the 27th December 1985 (sadly all the Camden market bootleggers appear to have been snoozing over their Christmas leftovers and missed it), and with most of the remainder available as rushes.

I’ve hatched a billion late night schemes to hack Soundserver to get the files, but they never survive past the cold light of morning. However¬†there’s a wonderful “Chatanooga Chou Chou” start to Faron Young in the rushes, and it’s worth a visit if you can.

‘Appetite’ is supposed to have been broadcast too, but I’ve never found it. Rumour was it was on Napster back in the day, in case anyone has old files.

PLUS loads of photos of the gig, also loaded to the gigography, snaffled off this blog¬†– please click on it and visit him, with luck he’ll see the traffic and get in contact so I can acknowledge properly.

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